Portscanner/Intrusion Collector

This is the demo version of PICker on SourceForge. The data you see here is actual live data, once collected on a Linux PC and a bit modified (the IP address, for instance, was changed to 999.999.999.999). No new data will be added though.
Have a look around and see for yourself the possibilities available in PICker. Apparently the whois queries from picker.sf.net are blocked, so you can´t do a whois query. Furthermore, the email to the Abuse Team you can send with PICker won´t be sent in reality. So play around as you like, no harm can be done!
BTW, in whois mode (so when you have clicked on the Whois button), PICker will change each abuse email address in the whois output to a link that when clicked, will send an automatic email. As whois queries apparently are blocked on this SourceForge machine, you can´t see this feature in action. The "Mail to Abuse" button (just click on an IP address below and you´ll see this button) is for the same function, but then by typing the email address of the Abuse Team yourself (probably by doing a host query and extracting the address abuse@domain.tld, which works nine out of ten times).

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